As Relationships Suffer, So Too Does A Teen Girl’s Mental Health

two types of dating methods Almost anyone will tell you that relationship problems are just part of the teen years. Making up, breaking up, cheating, flirting, it all goes with those teen years, and while it’s almost painful to watch from the outside, it may be far more painful to the involved teenage girl according to a new study. Researcher Brian Soller looked at data from 5,300 high school students from the National Longitudinal Study…

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Risky Behavior and Organized Sports DON’T Play Well Together Sports are a big part of life for many teens, and the results of a new study suggest parents might want to be really happy about that. The study results said that teens who were part of organized sports with a coach were less likely to try risky behaviors like smoking and drinking. Lead author Anna M. Adiachi-Mejia, PhD, had data from 6,522 interviewed teens in 2003. All were between… Read more Leave a comment

Stress Leads to Binge Drinking in LGBT + Teens

click this site A recent study among 1,232 teens between the ages of 12 and 18 through OutProud: The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth suggested that minority stress could explain why LGBT+ teens engage in binge drinking so much more often than heterosexual teens. This type of stress is often due to victimization and homophobia. Previous studies have suggested those who fall within this group routinely experience higher rates…

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Self-Harm Rates May Increase Among Those With Alternative Self-Identities

A new study out of Europe suggests that half of teens who identify with alternative sub cultures have a higher tendency toward self-harming behaviors and a fifth of them attempt suicide. The research was conducted through the Medical Research Council at the University of Glasgow, as well as at the University of Ulm. The goal was to look at why these teens tend toward self-injurious behaviors and how the motivations…

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Sibling Rivalry Can Prove More Problematic Than Bullying

There’s nothing quite like a sibling, and in terms of damage to mental health, one new study suggests there’s nothing quite like the problems sibling rivalry can cause. The long term effects of those negative interactions, according to the study, traumatize children far worse and can lead to higher rates of depression, anxiety, and anger, even later in life. The study was commissioned by the CDC and the DOJ, and…

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Is It Actually Possible to Be a Technology Addict?

How often do you pull out your smartphone every day? How often do you look at a computer or tablet screen outside of work? If you’re like most people, it’s tough to go an hour without checking something, whether it’s email or a Facebook update. When you forget your phone, it may feel like you’re missing something out on your life. One expert, Dr. Ned Hallowell, suggests this screen sucking…

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