Youth Smoking Rates Lower Among Those Treated For ADHD

couple chercher homme ADHD medications offer some undeniable benefits for those who take them, but research has found yet another to add to the list – lowered smoking rates in youth. A study from Duke Medicine suggested that consistently taking ADHD medication means lowered smoking rates. Scott Kollins, the study’s author, suggested that individuals with ADHD are more likely to smoke, and stimulant treatment could help reduce that, particularly when it’s consistent to… Read more Leave a comment

Understanding Bipolar Disorder in Adolescents

browse around here Adolescence and early adulthood is the most common time for bipolar disorder to emerge, but it can appear earlier. Nearly 2.5 percent of all youth meet the criteria for this disorder at some point, leaving many with questions. This guide can help you learn a bit more. Manic Symptoms Aren’t a Predictor Many worry that children who show elevated symptoms of mania will progress to bipolar, but a study of…

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