Advocating for Adolescents

Wellington Retreat Advocating for Adolescents At Wellington Retreat, we work to change adolescent lives on a daily basis. In a program that is focused on integrity, leadership, and community, we’ve created a system that means hard work and a treatment process that works to change those emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are so often negative.

A Comfortable, Safe Environment at Wellington Retreat

click here for more info Reaching teens today isn’t always easy, but we’ve created a space where it’s easier than ever to do so. Here, entitlement isn’t an acceptable frame of mind. Instead, everyone is on the same team, looking to each other, staff, and parents for support. It starts with evaluation, but there are lots of activities, including community service, to help create a level of success.

partnersuche gardelegen Our program demands collaboration, cooperation, and a serious commitment from both the patient and the involved family. Parents will attend sessions throughout treatment, and they will be asked to learn more about mental health issues and learn stronger communication skills.

Web Site It’s a progressive look at change, but one that can certainly strengthen character and help everyone involved feel healthier and make the necessary behavioral changes.