Youth Smoking Rates Lower Among Those Treated For ADHD

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rencontre b to g ADHD medications offer some undeniable benefits for those who take them, but research has found yet another to add to the list – lowered smoking rates in youth. A study from Duke Medicine suggested that consistently taking ADHD medication means lowered smoking rates.

site beur gay Scott Kollins, the study’s author, suggested that individuals with ADHD are more likely to smoke, and stimulant treatment could help reduce that, particularly when it’s consistent to help effectively manage symptoms from an ongoing perspective.

pop over here ADHD is not an uncommon disorder, and it frequently stays with people throughout life. It’s usually treated through behavior therapy and medication. Symptoms include hyperactivity, impulsivity, and difficulty paying attention. Previous studies have suggested smoking rates among those with ADHD are much higher than they are in the general population. Previous studies surrounding smoking and stimulant medications, though, have shown mixed results. It is thought that some with ADHD self-medicate using nicotine.

rencontre coquine tarbes The study looked at data from 14 other longitudinal studies of cigarette smoking and ADHD treatment. The sample size was 2,360, making it the biggest study to date.

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